PROPHET PRINCE MANASSEH ATSU is one of the leading prophets of our time. A model New Testament Prophet with a teaching grace and pastoral heart.

He and his lovely wife Alexina oversee the Watered Garden Churches and Operation Church Everywhere (OCE) from Accra, Ghana where they live. In 2015, Prophet Manasseh was over 35 radio stations daily with his Spiritlife Broadcast.

He is a sought-after speaker for many pastoral conferences, with an itinerant ministry in Africa, Europe, Asia and America.
Manasseh and Alexina have 5 children: Dove,Elijah, Joshua, Noah and Love….


Prophetess Alexina Manasseh Atsu is one of the leading intercessors in Africa today. She is the Co-founder of Watered Garden Churches and the Executive Director and Founder of BISID (Before I Say I Do) Foundation, a ministry devoted to providing ladies with the appropriate tools to positively impact their worlds and also empower and prepare young ladies for marriage and life as a whole. Through BISID, she has helped countless ladies find their place in life.
Alexina stands in the office of a Prophet and an intercessor, organizing prayer conference and retreats. She lives in Accra, Ghana with her husband Prophet Atsu Manasseh and their 5 children.