Watered Garden Childrens' Ministry

The Watered Garden Children Ministry (WGCM) is the foundation and future of the Watered Garden Church. The Ministry seeks to teach and instill the word of God into the lives of children at an early age. This is to fulfil the directives from God that parents/caregivers should “train up the child in the ways/he should go that when they grow they will not depart from it” Prov. 22: 6.

The Ministry is divided into four classes:

• Manasseh Class - this is the senior and teen class of the ministry between the ages of 12 – 15 years and are in Upper Primary and Junior High School.

• Esther Class – children in this class are between the ages of 8 – 11 years and are in lower and upper primary.

• Alexina A Class– the class is made up of pre-schoolers, children between the ages of 0 – 5 years.

• Alexina B Class- is made up of children between the ages of 6 – 7 years who are in primary 1 to 3. We have a choir called ‘Melodies of the Garden’ and a choreography group. Our motto is “the sky is the starting point.” Currently, we have 10 teachers and 200 children and as part of their annual activities, we go for child evangelism and annual retreat and trainings for the teachers.